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Machine Sewing Your Binding

The video below is about binding a quilt, which is not a wearable item, but bias binding is used on clothing and tote bags and other such wearable things, right? Right! So I have convinced myself that it’s entirely proper to talk about this video on this blog. 😉

The big thing I learned from “How To Quilt Series: Machine Binding Basics” by Riley Blake Designs was how to attach the two ends (or tails) with a nice diagonal seam. Jump to ~8:30 to see the explanation.

Link: How To Quilt Series: Machine Binding Basics

I had my doubts (make a snip into all the layers?!), but let me tell you, this method works! I used a different kind of binding than theirs, and it took me about 4 tries to figure out which way to orient the two ends (or maybe I’m just dense), but in the end, I made a lovely join with my bias binding. See how nice and flat it is?

Okay, it could be better, but still, not too shabby for a sewing-past-my-bedtime-and-can’t-be-bothered-to-iron effort. Here’s an overall view:

(Anyone care to guess what this is??)

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