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Using a Croqui

February 13, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

When I go through patterns, I have a hard time figuring out if something that looks good on the model (who is probably 6′ tall and is, you know, a model) is going to look good on me (5’2″ and not a model). So I’m intrigued by this croqui thing, particularly when I saw how this blogger used hers. Has anyone made a croqui* before? Do you find them useful? I’ll see if I can get DH to take some photos of me so I can make one, too.

*Y’all probably know this already, but a croqui is “a silhouette that you can use to study your figure and diagnose fitting issues” (definitition shameless plagiarized from Sewing by the Book).


From blog post So … This Is My Body

What’s most obvious about the one on the left is that I absolutely do not have that slim little waist in the pattern image, so it’s not going to look like that on me. The sleeves (which I wasn’t planning on) are probably a good idea as they make me look more balanced. Not a terrible look, reminiscent of Glee’s Rachel Berry, if that’s what I’m going for.

The image on the right, however, shows me that my rectangular-shaped body doesn’t change the shape so much. And the v-neck doesn’t widen my square jaw.

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